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The Game Temporal Confinement breaks our Concept of Time as a constantly forward moving Entity and enables the Player to move through Time as if passing physical Space.

Navigate the first Level where you find yourself in a strange Research Facility which contains Platforming, as well as Puzzle Challenges that require forward thinking.

An Infinite Hallway, representing the passage of Time. While brainstorming, this is what came to my mind  a few hours after 'The Weekly Game Jam #87' started. And so the Idea rapidly took shape, as early playtests showed promise.

Disclaimer: There are no sounds or music in this game, I highly recommend turning on Music from C418 while playing to enhance experience.

Install instructions

The Game is quite demanding on GPU. In its current state there are no menus, to improve performance consider following Hotkeys:

1 on Keyboard - changes Resolution to 1920x1080 (default)

2 on Keyboard - changes Resolution to 1280x720

3 on Keyboard - changes Resolution to 800x600

All you have to do in order to launch the Game is unzipping (Zipped to RAR) the Files and starting the .exe located in the game folder.


TemporalConfinement 150 MB


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